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If you're looking for something unique, erotic and sensual then this is the place for you.



Here at LLVClub we recognize that when you travel, you want to experience destinations in depth, not in an afternoon. That's why we offer longer stays, more overnights, and night touring on all of our voyages. So you can take all the time you need to do as the locals do, see as they see, and eat as they eat - all over the world. You will discover things in port you won't find on other cruises. And at the end of the day (or night), you can rest easy knowing you have award-winning accommodations and inclusive amenities to come back to, with a friendly, attentive crew and staff, ready to take you to yet another amazing place. So that just leaves one question: where to?



Step into a world of ease and comfort and experience the finest hotels and resorts in the Lifestyle where you will enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience, because in every hotel the most important thing is you Locations only for people who know what they really want. Each of our selected hotels are designed for and inspired by adults, they are an exclusive space designed to ensure that every second of your stay is unforgettable. Come in and discover the entertainment, activities and services that our resorts for couples only features to simply delight you from head to toes.

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Whether you want to experience an exciting cruise aboard a luxury liner visiting amazing ports...or you're looking for fun in white snow capped mountains, skiing by day and partying by night...or maybe you want to feel the caress of the warm Caribbean water against the nakedness of your skin...or maybe you'd simply enjoy dining in a seductive atmosphere where you can savor a delectable culinary feast, paired and accompanied by some of the best wines from world famous vineyards...our destinations will turn all your dreams into a pleasant and unforgettable reality.   


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For all your Lifestyle Vacations think LUXURY... Book your next experience to suit your personality!

Luxury Lifestyle Vacations is an International Lifestyle travel agency with more than 20 years of experience in the travel industry. We specialize in, adult, couples-only vacations offering exceptional travel experiences in unique landscape and fascinating cities. This combined with spectacular locations-magnificient colonial mansions, modern design hotels or natural lodges- makes LLVclub the most comprehensive Adult Travel company in the industry. With the most exciting and innovative destinations located all over the world, from sunny and warm Mexico to cities full of culture and cuisine like Italy and Spain.

Luxury Lifestyle Vacations has been working hard to offer the best and newest destinations for those who are looking for something unique and never before done. Our expertise and hard work in the adult lifestyle market has allowed us to offer you more than just the same old adult resorts we have come to love. We have searched out new locations that offer upscale cuisine, exquisite service, the highest in room standards, and not to mention erotic atmospheres sure to have you coming back for more. If you're looking for something unique, erotic and sensual then this is the place for you. Luxury Lifestyle Vacations matches your dream getaway with your desires.


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Baltic Sensuell 2016

10 Days of Non Stop Party

Come with Us to Explore the marvels and beauty of Northern Europe on a cruise from the clear Scandinavian waters of Stockholm to Amsterdam, the city of canals, bridges and diamonds. 
Cruising Norway’s breathtakingly beautiful Fjord land is a truly wonderful experience and one that is all the more special in this loveliest of seasons. 
You’ll enjoy a kaleidoscope of simply incredible images from gentle slopes, towering peaks capped in dazzling snow, remote mountain farms clinging to impossibly steep hillsides and dramatic waterfalls in full cascade.
Five destinations that you can not miss. Stockholm, Visby, Warnemuende,Copenhagen and Amsterdam!


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The feeling that you’ve engaged with the real character of a place makes travel deeply satisfying. Imagine a romantic evening on the Baltic Sea, with a live performance, or getting the red carpet treatment before a ballet at Stockholm, or spending an evening onboard under a blanket of stars while savoring local delicacies. There may be a moment during your Evenings event when you forget you’re actually on a voyage. Have fun and savor the moment—that’s what LLV is all about.

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