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Cap d’Agde is located on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean in the South of France just 60km from Montpellier (an hour from the airport), 113km from Perpignan and 116km from Carcassonne.

Village naturiste  - Rond-point du Bagnas - 34307 CAP-D'AGDE

Airport Name:

Airport Béziers-Agde-Vias (15 km).

Airport Montpellier Méditerranée, (66 km



45 minutes away from Montpellier, France

3hrs from Barcelona, Spain

2h 20 from Marseille, France


By train:

Railway station in Agde

Many daily links with TGV Paris - Agde.

5-hour-journey between Paris and Agde with the TGV.

Several links between England (TGV Eurostar), Benelux (TGV Thalys and other direct trains), Germany and Switzerland (direct trains).


By car:

Motorway A9, exit "Agde" N°34 (15 km on the R.N. 312)

Motorway A75 via Clermont-Ferrand, exit "Agde"


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