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Nobis Hotel is designed in a style of timeless contemporary elegance by renowned architect and design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune. The new design interacts and contrasts effectfully with the buildings’ magnificent, culturally protected late 19th century original interiors. Both of our buildings are superior examples of Stockholm’s unique, lavishly decorated bourgeoisie stone architecture, and both brim with Stockholmian history.


Up until the mid 19th century, Norrmalmstorg square was known as “Packhustorget” (“The Packing House Square”), a rough and smelly place next to a swamp, named Katthavet (“The Cat Sea”), where fishermen came to sell their daily catch and where criminals and other unfortunates were punished in public. Around the middle of the century, the Katthavet swamp was filled in and the adjacent Berzelii Park created. In the new city plan of 1866, designed by Albert Lindhagen, “The Haussmann of Stockholm”, the square was renamed Norrmalmstorg and turned into Stockholm’s most elegant and representative focal point, forming a grandiose axis together with the shopping boulevard Hamngatan, which branches off Norrmalmstorg, nearby Nybroplan, in front of the Royal Dramatic Theatre, and the splendid Strandvägen seafront esplanade, Stockholm’s most prestigious address.

The Nobis Hotel buildings are also the site of a dramatic attempted bank heist and the origins of a psychological phenomenon dubbed ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’ In 1973 bank robbers held four employees of the Kreditbanken hostage in the bank’s vault, which is now part of the ACNE store at Nobis Hotel. During the six days of their captivity, the hostages gained sympathy for and even loyalty to their captors. This unusual development in hostage situations has been referred to as the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ ever since.

Grouped around Norrmalmstorg are Stockholm’s most famous and historic shops, restaurants, theaters, auction houses, museums, galleries, business headquarters and cultural attractions. In the classic Swedish version of the Monopoly game, Norrmalmstorg is the most expensive spot (and you know what happens when you build a hotel on that spot…)



Architecture & Design

The interiors of Nobis Hotel are created in collaboration with world renowned, award-winning Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, which has previously designed several other publicized interiors and environments within the Nobis Group.

Comfort, personality, warmth, atmosphere, casual elegance, contemporary timelessness and durable quality are some of the virtues that we like to think distinguish these interiors. We have planned and built this design hotel in Stockholm, Sweden for the long-term pleasure and enjoyment of our guests. Therefore, the interiors are not loud, flamboyant or self-righteous, but toned-down and discreet. Claesson Koivisto Rune’s sharp contemporary interiors are designed to both contrast and harmonize with the magnificent 19th century bourgeois stone architecture of the buildings, giving our hotel interiors its unique character. A source of inspiration has been the moods, colors and features of the city of Stockholm itself, not those of a bright sparkling summer day but instead those winter days, when the light is weak and flat, contrasts low and colors and shadows subtle. The general impression of these interiors is calming and mellow, with many qualities and thoroughly thought through clever and innovative details that your body, mind and soul will discover up close, with time. Frontline technology has as far as possible been integrated into these interiors, to create a harmonious, optimally functional unity.

Claesson Koivisto Rune have designed a whole range of new unique patterns for Nobis Hotel, many of these inspired by the studio’s previous architecture and design projects. These patterns function as a subtle theme throughout the interiors of Nobis Hotel, Stockholm design hotel. An extensive range of furniture and other interior design objects have also been designed and manufactured exclusively for Nobis Hotel. The materials selected are mostly superior quality natural materials such as various stones, woods, wools and other natural textiles, glass, ceramics, leather and metals — materials that will age with grace.

Negotiated rate for Luxury Lifestyle Vacations include:

  • For affiliates guests only

  • Includes taxes

  • Breakfast

  • High Speed Internet

  • Wi-Fi

  • Access to gym




Nobis Hotel
Norrmalmstorg 2-3
111 46 Stockholm
Arlanda International airport: 45 km
Central station: 1 km
The City Terminal: 1 km
Subway: 100 m – The red line, Östermalmstorg´s station.


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