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MSC divina 2016
April 16th - 23rd, 2016

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Luxury Lifestyle Vacations  

The Msc divina is divine!

Awesome Theme Nights 

Couples Cruise adult clothing optional themes

We will be sailing from Miami and kick off our cruise with two sea days full of parties, music, drinking and dancing. We suggest that you wear team jerseys or some sort of shirt with your favorite team on it. This way, you will instantly find people from your hometown or at least other people that love your town. It is a great icebreaker for the 1st day.

Couples Cruise adult tropical theme partyOn our 1st night, we always have a really easy theme for everyone: Tropical Night. This allows everyone to get in the cruise mood with their favorite tropical dress or Hawaiian shirt. From Tommy Bahama to Cuba Vera to linen or tropical prints, you can't go wrong on this relaxed 1st night of cruising. 

On our 2nd night, we will have our famous Pajama Party, which is always sexy and exciting. The ladies always wear the cutest lingerie or pajamas and the guys, you have to get into the spirit too, so wear your best boxers, briefs or something fun and sexy. Even though some of you may sleep in the nude, you still need to wear something for the PJ Party.

Couples Cruise adult sexy pj partyOur 3rd night at sea will feature a Naughty night. That means Naughty Schoolgirls and the nerds that love them. 

After a day in St. Maarten, on our 4th night, we will have our Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball under the stars, on the pool deck. This is when we turn the entire ship into a Mardi Gras party complete with a parade. We'll throw you beads, you know what to do...

Next will be visiting Old San Juan and our 5th night theme is inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean in Old San Juan. This will be a swashbuckling night in search of Booty (yes, that means a butt shaking contest).

We will have another awesome day at sea where we will celebrate & then we will change into Fetish Theme wear.

Our final stop will be at Great Stirrup Cay (pronounced key) of a clothing optional day of fun in the sun on our own private island. Before heading back to Miami, we will have a South a Beach inspired White Night to close out the cruise. We love White Nights and this is an easy theme to pack, because you will have to get your luggage packed and put out in front of your cabin tonight.



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