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first and only all-inclusive Lifestyle resort in Europe


Whilst we want our guests to feel liberated we recognise this does not mean the same thing to everyone.

We hope that by providing a clothing optional resort it gives our guests the choice to dress however they feel most comfortable. For some this may mean covering up, others may choose to go topless and others may choose to go nude. The choice really is yours and you should not feel pressurised to be naked if you don't want to; but do bear in mind that others maybe completely naked around the resort and you should respect their personal choice.

What’s included?

Spice is a supreme ALL-INCLUSIVE resort priding itself on superior service.  Meals are cooked fresh to order and top brand drinks served 24-hours a day, plus use of all services and facilities at your fingertips*

The Spice boutique suites are attentively designed with your needs in mind.  These consist of spacious bedroom, bathroom and dressing room all of which are furnished, cleaned and maintained to a high standard.

*Subject to availability. Excluding spa treatments.

We've been to other lifestyle friendly resorts around the world, why should we choose Spice?

Spice was created for you; by people that experienced the same as you and loved every moment of it except these few things:

Jet lag - Spice is less than 4 hours from most European destinations and on the same time zone give or take a couple of hours. No long haul flight checking in 3 hours in advance and no loss of 3 days while your body gets in touch with where you're at, not to mention the reduced flight cost.

Humidity - In this totally arid climate, humidity and bad hair days are never an issue.  Mosquitoes thrive in a humid environment and as Spice doesn't have that, they don't come here. No bad bites, infections, itch marks or repellent spray that melts your nail varnish and tastes nasty!

Lack of variety - Spice endeavour to cater for most, if not all European nationalities. Attracting the best couples from all around Europe gives you the opportunity to make new friends everywhere. Imagine... a week at Spice and you have house invitations from couples in France, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, UK, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Israel, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Dubai and so the list goes on.

Safety and Proximity - Lanzarote has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and our guests say they feel the safest here than any other place; including their home! Just a few minutes from the airport but not under the flight path means you can land, check-in and be at the bar sipping Sexy Spice Sangria within just 30 minutes and not hear any aircraft noise. What's more, take a 5 minute walk to the end of the street to find you're in the centre of town where you can pop from bar to bar wearing different t-shirts and get all your `vanilla´ photographs in one hit! Gifts for the children, souvenirs for Mum and there's no hefty taxi fare or guide necessary.

Is nudity allowed everywhere?

If you desire, you may be naked in all areas of the complex at all times of the day and night; however we do ask that guests dress in the restaurant and in reception and if you go out of the resort.

Is sexual activity permitted everywhere?

Spice thrives on a sexually charged atmosphere and the freedom to indulge in your fantasies. But please do respect other guests that may not be as liberated as you and may actually find some activities offensive if carried out in public.

Can I be naked in the disco?

There is no rule against nudity in the disco however most people tend to dress in the evenings. Theme nights provide a suggestion of the outfits and costumes you may wish to organise to bring with you but these are not compulsory. There is a 'play' room in the disco which may lend itself to more nudity than on the dance floor.

What is the etiquette in the play room?

The play room is there for couples to relax and feel at ease to explore each other. There is no such thing as an open invitation at Spice and nobody should feel as though his or her personal space is being invaded.

Will the staff be naked?

Staff will be dressed at all times and whilst we want them to enhance the experience for everyone, they are not permitted to interact intimately with guests.  Anyone found doing so will be instantly dismissed and we therefore ask you not to put them in compromising positions.

I've not been on a naturist holiday before; what's the etiquette?

Hygiene is of paramount important to us at Spice. Nudity is accepted around the entire complex but we do ask that you dress to eat. For lunch by the pool for example, this could mean draping a sarong around you or popping a t-shirt and shorts on. Many naturists wish to carry small seating towels with them to sit on; these can be used on seats, other people's sun loungers and the poolside, in fact, anywhere you sit.

Do I need to bring towels with me?

Clean towels are provided in your room every day. In addition, clean pool towels and seating towels if required are also available.

Are non-residents allowed on the complex?

In order to create a peaceful and relaxed ambience, outsiders are not permitted on the resort for any reason. Strict security is in force for our guests safety and any person found aiding entry to non-residents will be asked to leave.

Are night-time snacks provided within the all-inclusive tariff?

All snacks served at Spice are included within the all-inclusive tariff.

Are all drinks provided within the all-inclusive tariff?

Hot, cold, soft and alcohol drinks are provided under the all-inclusive umbrella. There may be certain drinks that we serve at a premium but we aim to keep these to a minimum.

Can I drink the water in Lanzarote?

The water system in Lanzarote does not produce drinking water. It is therefore necessary to drink only bottled water we also recommend using bottled water for cleaning your teeth. All rooms have a fridge, most with freezer compartment and we also suggest you use bottled water if you make ice in your room. Bottled water is supplied in the rooms and is available from the bars around the complex.

Is photography and videotaping allowed in the resort?

You MUST have consent of all parties within shot of photos and/or videotaping. Spice have no control over the use of personal photographs or videos and are not liable for same. The use of mobile phones is permitted around the resort, but you will be asked to keep your phone in your room if you are found using it to take photographs without consent.

What currency is used in Lanzarote?

The only currency accepted in Lanzarote is the Euro. You will generally achieve a better exchange rate if you convert your currency prior to arriving on the island; however if this is not possible, there are numerous banks within walking distance that will do this for you. There are also ATM machines, again within walking distance.

How long does it take to get from/to the airport?

Lanzarote only has one airport which is located between Puerto del Carmen and Arrecife, the capital. Transfers by taxi take between 5 and 10 minutes and the taxi drivers will know where Spice is.

How much will transfers to and from the airport cost?

15 euros is the average cost for a transfer during the daytime; you should expect to pay slightly more during the night. Taxi rates in Lanzarote are regulated by the government and therefore you should not encounter any problems with drivers charging above the standard rates.

Can I pre-book my transfers?

There are generally plenty of taxis at the airport found just outside the arrivals hall on the lower floor. Typical taxi fare to Spice is approximately 15 euros. Alternatively, a private pre-bookable service is available at 21 euros per couple which it will be our pleasure to organise for you. Please contact us for further information.

How can the resort be peaceful if it's in town and close to the airport?

Spice is perfectly positioned towards the end of a side street off the main Avenida. The peace and tranquillity you'll experience in resort is unaffected by the hustle and bustle of town and not being under the flight path means you won't be disturbed by aircraft noise either.

What is the smoking policy at Spice?

We operate a no smoking policy in all enclosed areas. An ashtray is provided in each room but we kindly ask you to smoke on the terrace or balcony to preserve decoration and eliminate odour for other guests.

What's the tip culture at Spice?

Superior service from every member of the Spice team comes free of charge. Tips are not obligatory and are certainly not expected, our pleasure is your pleasure.

I don't want my family to know where I am but need to leave a contact number, what can I do?

Spice has a family friendly number which is available if you contact us. Utmost discretion is exercised when taking calls on the family friendly number and you can rest assured that no reference to Spice will be made. The number is only given to guests upon request and upon receipt of their booking reference; it is not published by Spice on the Internet.

We will be celebrating a special occasion whilst at Spice, can we make special requests?

We welcome couples with something to celebrate and the staff at Spice take pride in making the occasion as special as they can for you. It is not possible to guarantee any requests, but we will do our best at all times. Please include your request at the time of booking, or alternatively contact us.

Can we book a specific room?

We want to ensure you enjoy your stay at Spice as much as possible, and if this means allocating a specific room to you, we will do our utmost to oblige; however we cannot guarantee this.

How will my payment appear on my credit card statement?

We appreciate that some guests may not wish to have Spice or Bare Body Resorts mentioned on their credit card statement so ALL payments done on credit cards will be presented as BBR for your confidentiality.



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